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Goals-Based Wealth Management

“Much more money has been lost by investors anticipating corrections or trying to prepare for corrections than has ever been lost in the corrections themselves. Every successful investor I have ever known of was acting on a plan. And every unsuccessful investor I've ever known of was reacting to the markets." -  Peter Lynch

Many households have goals in mind when it comes to their investments. Some want a portion of their assets to provide a level of preservation, while others need help paying expenses or liabilities, like retirement or buying a home.

These goals should be evaluated based on where your assets are today, your current income and savings, and where you want to go. Constructing a holistic balance sheet that includes all of your assets and liabilities sheds light on whether you have a margin of preservation to work towards your goals or if there is a deficit that needs to be addressed.

Our Goals-Based Wealth Management approach can help you develop a strategy that considers both current and future objectives and obligations. We will categorize your assets into three “buckets” based on the specific timelines of your needs and goals, tailoring the plan specifically for you.

The Liquidity Strategy

The Liquidity Strategy has a time horizon of 1-7 years and provides sequenced liquidity for your upcoming expenses.

The Longevity Strategy

The Longevity Strategy has a time horizon of 8 years to life and contains assets you will utilize for the remainder of your life.

The Legacy Strategy

The Legacy Strategy has a time horizon of your life expectancy and beyond and contains assets above what you need to pursue your objectives.

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